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Research is important to us,it is our business. This is why you don't see a ton of one item or thousands of things going on a day. We have to make sure they are real,work and do what we claim they do. You also won't find a ton of conjured items and me saying "hey I just conjured a a few thousand vampires" you won't see this because conjuring takes time. Conjuring should be done one thing at a time. If not, the power is weakend and probably won't do you much good.

Another thing you won't see often are spells. Spells require serious intention and a knowledge of the person who wants them. Spells are by consultation only. You need to email for information and it is not cheap. The average is about 50.00. You do get what you pay for but you can be positive in the outcome. You also won't get just lip service,you get an item to bond that spell to you. A spell for YOU takes and needs YOUR energy and YOUR intentions too.

What we specialize in are the rare and hard to find with a history included. Most of these items are one of a kind and with thousands upon thousands of hits per day,when you see it,buy it. Hesitation on this website is not good,you can lose your item.

The business we take serious,our personal lives are much different.