Things not to say at a childs birthday party and welcome to the other side!

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I get that everyone has family members we want to hide in the closet. I also know that often even though while embarrassing they can be entertaining,sometimes… One of those times was this weekend. Now lets play a game! What do you think was said at the party?

A- what a cute baby!

B- The food is amazing!

C- Here is a text she sent me saying how good I was between her thighs, I was the best she ever had!

D- You know what I mean right man? Keep them on their back it doesn’t matter how stupid they are!

E- she’s really going to like that toy!

F-Yeah I remember when the FBI raided my house. When they did I said to the one agent ” this is just like they show in TV!”

G- I’m sorry man but I keep twisting in my seat because my balls keep getting stuck together, what do you expect man!

H-The baby loves that kitchen set and cell phone.

I- Yeah it’s true her old man is like 60 and she 19, I don’t know if they consider that molesting or not but I guess not because she has two kids now.

J-This hooker tried to pick me up in AC but I said she had great talent and should be a car salesman, she really had drive, seriously she did. I really don’t think she was after my wallet,honestly.

K- ( while having a conversation with a black man)  You know the last thing we need is another nigger in the White House!  I think Hillary is a nigger too and we don’t need her cracker ass! Since she likes being a nigger then lets build a ghetto full of niggers around her castle. I bet her Vag is so dry you can blow on it like one of those weeds you see in the lawn and it will just float away. No wonder old man Clinton was banging so many others.

L- The cake is really good Daisy, get me more food.

M- You see that married woman that I was with. her husband didn’t touch her in 6 years! She said it was because she is loud but it could have been odor. I wanted her to try some of that vagisil stuff but it’s like telling someone they need a breath mint, you just have to do it!

N- yeah that’s what I heard too,she is a hooker,still? She’s really old! Damn I don’t know if I would hit that!

I could go on but I won’t, it only gets worse.  Moving on. Welcome to the other side.

The other side is what we call non blood family members or those that have not been fully accepted into the inner sanctum. This would be Daisy’s ex’s side,those who live a different sort of lifestye,a life of well,whatever.

So at the party it was very strange. You had Daisy’s side which included her friends and family, all are normal with the exception of her father. Her father makes Donald Trump on acid look boring. Then you have the “other side”! The other side came in and not one said hi to the baby or to Daisy with the exception of the Grandmother on the other side who is normal.  She dressed properly and brought a gift,she even had class. The class thing is rare on that “other side” trust me when I tell you that. When your around them you feel like your in a twilight episiode that you will never get out of. Almost like they are a different species,not quite human,not really possible to have the art of spoken language. I’m going to make another exception. Bobby was very nice and his girlfriend had class as well and the baby really loved that kitchen set she got her. But I need to continue….

So in comes the little trollup,yes I know how I spelled it. She comes in and a tag is hanging off her one kids dresses and I say something, just like any normal person would but apparently this causes such an uproar! Oh well. I could have said worse but I was TRYING to be nice. It seems as if her brother is more interested in his sister then his own child. I guess that would be normal if your sister was only 19, she could be 20 now but I don’t think so, with a 6 year old and another baby. Birth control comes to mind here. Then comes all these others for the free food and then last but not least the hooker in the family. Now just when I thought tacky was as tacky could get,it got worse. The hooker or ex hooker I’m not sure at this point but it is for real and I’m not saying that to be mean,she really is a hooker! She came in with a bag from Old Navy for the baby but decided not to give it to her and return it instead. She came over and handed Daisy 6 dollars. Okay thats fine, what ever but then she pissed me off. Now it is true that Daisy made a point of telling me to behave myself which in her defense I can understand a little. However she should know that I would never start anything at the Hatchlings party,I just wouldn’t. I would wait outside for one of the little tards and beat their ass out there,kinda like Brianna did. Go Brianna go!

Either way I had enough of these primates. So when the hooker came up to Daisy and asked who Johnnys girfriend was I said ” well she could be on any corner,you can check the city streets.” I know she didn’t like that but your not going to look down on my daughter while your entire family is simply fucked! I will say the macoroni salad I did enjoy as well as all the food Daisy made. Poor Daisy though,the classless other side stole it ALL and took it home with them. 

You may wonder if I did anything wrong? Well…… Not that anyone saw or heard anyway, I’m going to leave it at that. I doubt though that a certain someone will touch my Hatchling when I’m around with her dirty little trollup hands!

What is sad is when one person makes up so many lies about things I never even said. People should know me by now that if I said it I will say it to your face and oh well if you don’t like it. So did I go around and say things about the girls much older boyfriend,not one time and in fact spoke to him and found him nice to chat with. Did I say ugly things about her kids,no but I guess when life is boring you must make shit up to feel like you have something to talk about. Thats all okay though because at the end of the day we all have issues. I however get to go home to a clean house,not full of dog shit and roaches and know that my kids were kept clean and raised right. I know my daughter had one child well over 18 and was raised to be an indepenant woman with education,class and of royal breeding. My children never sat in shit diapers or were dirty and they ate well. I know that some on the “other side” say Daisy is spoiled but she was in no way spoiled. She got her ass beat when she needed it and because of it she turned out to be a respectful young woman who knows how to behave. She was not given everything like her ex says but you see he has a screwed sense of what “spoiled” means. Spoiled to him means a clean house,clothes on your back and food as well as gifts during the holidays. My kids were not given everything they asked for and were told to work for it or they didn’t get it so if that is spoiling then I guess I did. To those reading this and now having a hissy fit,blow me!








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