Canadian family flees home after video captures ‘talking ghost’

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Is there a ghost at the end of the bed? That’s what father Daniel Garrett thought.

So convinced was the Canadian dad he has fled his home in fear, convinced a ghost with a male voice is haunting his four-year-old daughter’s room.

Garrett’s daughter was playing with his phone in their home in Toronto while he went to the bathroom.

The girl was jabbering melodically as the phone recorded a video when the blanket rose at the end of her bed, as though something was moving through it.

A faint male voice is then heard whispering: “You’re so funny.”

The father said: “She is babbling as children do and when she pauses you hear a male voice sing along with her and the blanket moves.

“Also, at the end, the male voice says: ‘You’re so funny’.”

When he posted the video to Reddit on September 2, Garret said he has no intention of returning to his apparently haunted house.

“I have never had anything like this happen to me. My eyes water and my hair stands up on my arms when I watch this.”

Is this further evidence of unexplained paranormal activity?

Ghost visits NSW pub

The motion sensor security camera was triggered and started filming what locals are saying is the ghost of a young girl that died over a century ago.

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