Drop and roll retard, my herpes have always been callused,DAY IN LIFE

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Drop and roll retard,my herpes have always been callused and the toilet on my head.

Sometimes my day in the life is over a period of time but this one day it was ALL in one day!

It started on my way to the doctors office for my horrible cold that went into my chest. While I was there I had to put up with these unholy Libtards that I wanted to smack the shit out of. They went on about the lesbian movement and I was thinking what movement? I don’t care what you do in your bedroom but WTF is a movement? I personally like to be tied up and all that good stuff but there is no movement on that crap. If you think 50 shades of grey is a good example you are wrong. Now we have people tying each other up and having accidents or choking each other to death. I guess you could call that one population control for idiots?

After the doctors office he sends me to the lab on the way there I look at my phone and see what song is next. I swore it said My Herpes have always been callused! It didn’t, it was my Heroes have always been cowboys. As you can see my day started out with a bang! Finally I get to the lab and I’m thinking blood work,okay. No, They give me a cup to pee in and this thing they called a hat. I’m like,okay. They tell me I need to pee and poop! WTF is that all about? So I enter the bathroom and pee in my cup. Then I place the hat on like they told me to. I can’t go,gross I know. So I come out and I say hey I can’t go this will have to go home with me. The ladies say hold on and they go into the back room and a bunch of them come out. Then this old man yells ” hey lady you don’t wear that it’s for your ass”. So apparently this so called hat is not really a hat but a toilet seat which gives no indication of being so. I told the lady that it would not stay on my head while I went to the bathroom. I really though this had something to do with balance but no,it’s to take a crap in! I know somewhere out in Youtube land someone has a video of this.SMH…

After that very humiliating experience I went to lunch. Now before I even tell you this,I do not make fun of people. I’m not politicaly correct either but thats because I can’t keep up with all the changes in terms. I have no idea what will and what won’t insult someone so I just don’t care anymore. I still call the Japs,Japs, it is what I was taught by my grandfather who was in Pearl Harbor. I have been told that the term Japs is not politically correct but my grandfather thought it was better then what he could have called them. With that being said,here we go!!!!

So I’m at Hoss eating and this family comes in and they are all adults,5 of them. The one guy is at least six foot 5 minimum and he is dressed in work boots,jeans and a sweat shirt. He’s looking mighty fine,I would have banged the shit out of him for sure! Then out of the clear blue he starts waving his hands around and his arms are moving back and forth. I due to reasons I won’t get into know what to do when a terrorists attacks. To me he was about to shoot everyone up so I dropped and rolled like a skilled combat vet. For whatever reason now everyone is looking at me while I’m waiting for him to yell Allah Akbar. In only a few minutes reality sets in. This guy is a retard! He was challanged,mentally deficient,handicapped or given the short end of the stick on brains,whatever you want to call it. Either way I felt bad because I was about to make a move on his ass had he not started making strange noises and all.

Speaking of the retarded there is the issue of my own son. I can’t really say he is retarded but when I think of him it is what comes to mind. Everyone wants to have sex with him,male or female. He was picked to do a centerfold nude for women,work in a brothel and become the next El Chapo. Which one do you think he picked? I will just leave that one alone. What I will tell you is he is what your mother warned you about. He is not stupid by any means and can rewire your house when he was 5 years old. He can build a computer from a cardboard box and whatever you do don’t tell him you need someone taken care of. He’s a very generous boy! What he lacks is common sense,God just passed him up on it. Then there is the problem of who he got with this reptillian looking beast! I do mean beast! I just need to stop there. He could have been making money gracing the covers of magazines but no,he had to get with a beast. A reptillian beast bitch! A beastly bitch of a reptillian I swear she’s part alien. I’m waiting for that bitch to lay an egg.

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