Hillary Killery Dickery Dock,this bitch wants to stop our clock!

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Stew Webb has an amazing report about the Hillary Clinton secret emails that MUST be shared throughout the world if justice is to be served!  Share all the linked articles and this video around the Internet and don’t stop!  Stew literally has the email that can bring Hillary down and his life is in great danger until the truth goes viral and it can’t be stopped.


Leaked Hillary Clinton Emails Exposed Assassination Teams for US Citizens!

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It’s up to ALL BeforeItsNews readers to send this story, video and all links viral!  Send around the internet and to all alternative and even the fake news people!  This is IT!   We have Hillary Clinton running Assassination teams on American Citizens and Stew Webb and his friend, Bret Landrith are named in one of the emails!  Stew has the confession of one of the killers from one of the assassination teams as you’ll hear in the interview!


According to one of the emails he has been shown by his friends in US Intelligence, Stew Webb and his attorney friend Bret Landrith  are both mentioned by name in relation to murder for hire aka assassination teams tied to Hillary Clinton and many others in the Bush-Clinton crime family!  The Russians have all the emails too!  You’ll need to read all the details in the following reports and listen to the video where Stew explains just how serious these emails have become!  This could bring down the entire Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate if the truth goes viral!  Please help!  Keep sharing this story and article during all debates and let the people’s voice be heard!  “HILLARY IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW!!!”


Read Full report by Tom Heneghan here:



Stew Webb explains what these emails contain and what we must now do to make them public in the interview I conducted with him last night.  Stew was told by people in US Intelligence that if you want Hillary to be prosecuted the truth must go viral and we must all say, “Nobody is Above the Law” so SHARE this information on all social networks and email lists so the Fake News can’t contain it!  It’s up to all of you!  Stew Webb has been named in a Murder For Hire scheme in a Hillary Clinton email!  His life is now in great danger as they’ve tried to kill him many times!  Will you help him by getting all of this information out there right now?  I know you will all do your best!  Fire everything at this one!  It’s time to take out the Hillary Clinton’s Battleship!  She’s burning and listing 20 degrees but this story can blow her magazine and we’ll never have to see another Clinton on our TVs again!  Make it happen!  I’m proud to serve with ALL of you in the battle against the new world order!




Clinton Bush Assassination Teams Revealed in Hillary’s emails




Indictment Looms As FBI Declares 22 Hillary Clinton Emails “Top Secret”



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