My list of approved sellers that are safe and real

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Now I would like to give you my honest opinion of some good approved sellers. I feel the need because on one facebook page there is a twat group of total frauds and untrained idiots. They have what is called an approved group of sellers that include a guy with fake degrees which I have proven. A woman that is 18 or 19 and no training what so ever who pretends to be married. I believe she is one of those live off the system people. Either way if taking advice from fools you will be led to buying services and items that only take your money. YOU work hard for your money! I also do not advocate for anyone buying from any sellers on that list they have. I have seen way to much proof to know they are frauds. I know we have these seller wars but in all reality the only ones fighting are the ones who steal listings or talk about every seller to create a bad reputation. Another thing I have seen is some of those wicked frauds on forums on Facebook and then going back and talking shit about certain sellers. For me,I’m in your face and if I don’t like you I will tell you if you come at me. IF you decide to come at me,there will be a problem because I can make your life a living hell. I create misery like God created the oceans. It is better to live and let live. The moral of the story is don’t fuck with people, least you get a good fucking yourself!

Here is a list of my approved sellers. My approved list is only a few but by no means does it cover All the great sellers. There are many but I didn’t get to ask them if they wanted to be on my list. You may ask how did I come up with my list and unlike Ike and dyke or Twit and Twat I have a formula!

My formula consists of my buyers and what I find out on the internet by dealing directly with other sellers. I look at a lot of sellers through Verna’s page on Facebook. I have found which sellers are indeed genuine in the work that they do. These are also good people. I want to add a lot from that group I go on but as I said I need to ask first.

My customers will tell me that this one or that one are great and the items work. They will say they always get the items and give honest feedback. This is what I take from my customers. I myself have either spoken to them and know that they take their work seriously and have found joy in helping others. If you are a customer and wish to add to this list feel free to email me at This doesn’t mean I will add them on. If they are a member of one of the fraud groups and there are many I will NOT add them. If you are a seller you may email to have your name added. I don’t have time to contact many of the sellers I wish to add. Once you do get added it will show up in the comments and all my customers are notified and will see it. For now here is my short list and again there are many I wish to add on.

Cathy Ellis of Fortuna’s Gift Metaphysicals New offerings and you may find her on Facebook. I like the many pieces I have seen sher show. She has a great sense of beauty. Just search for Cathy Ellis.

Akiba Michels,I really like this lady and like Cathy Ellis I can tell by her face using my own personal discernment that they are good people. You may find Akiba on Facebook as well. From what I have seen and heard she makes hand made items that are great magicals.

Aurora Sundberg, I like her stuff and again you can find her on Facebook.

Magnolia from Creepyhollows and you can find her right on the internet. She has a huge site with a lot of great info and various items for sale.

There is one more I wanted to add but when I looked them up I didn’t see anything for sale. They were promoting a guy who sells but I don’t know him. This list is not in any order but feel free to add. I KNOW that who I have added are safe sellers,they will ship to you and you will get what you order.

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