Lindy, she is the package checker and when we say that it has two meanings. Do you even want to know? Some call her Loindy and there is a reason for that as well. She is the shipper for Haunted Curiosities, cat box cleaner, screamer and the one that that tells me when to eat. She also goes on investigations and handles customers when I have to send out my letter of PMS. Lindy can hear the spirits and I swear they are afraid of her.

Victor is serious and likes to party on the weekends. He is great with the equipment and telling me what not to do. I don’t pay to much attention to him.

Flamie is wild! His name says it all and we like to get our hair done together but his comes out much better then mine. He is a great channeler for the dead.

Rain is a researcher and a darn good one. He can take a while to get all the info but he does it. He also has his own section on Haunted Curiosities. He is great with conspiracy theory and history. His items are amazing.

TOA, this dynamic duo also researches, meets with real vampires and also has some great items up.

Dee’s Franchise, she is our local sex fiend and tests many of the sex items to make sure you have a great time. She also goes on the hunt and passes the non sex items on for testing. She runs the chat room and will help to keep you all updated on the newest video’s put out by HauntedCuriosities.

Aaron is a little nuts in his head but he is great with the computer and the tech stuff.

Dave is funny and I make him chase Turkeys. He also goes on investigations and takes a ton of pictures.

Not on the website is Daniel who has his own business killing evil beings and demons if you have a problem with that. You can find his section also on the website with a way to contact him.

Myself, Dee Dee, I love what I do but often need a break from it. Doing it right and keeping it real is so much different then throwing junk or crap up on a website and praying it sells. The old saying is throw enough crap and something will stick is not practiced here. It would be so much easier to throw up a quanity of 1,000 and place a price of 30.00 on it and make a ton of money. But we have integrity and we can’t do that.

One seller asked me why I didn’t sell rocks since you can get a bag of them for 1.00 and sell them for hundreds each. They also asked why not install a tool bar and get money every time someone logs on. I can’t do that,it’s wrong and I believe in privacy. I can’t sell my buyers out. I don’t want bots roaming around my website collecting personal information on my clients,it’s not fair and it’s not right. You can tell them they are private moderators but not everyone is that stupid.


If you join our forum you won’t be attacked for your beliefs or your opinions. You won’t find people crying or boo hooing that a vampire tried to have sex with them in the night. You won’t find people who got into debt and now became sellers and then ran off with your money. You also won’t find everyone saying “oh well I guess they got lost on the astral realm”! We have a very strict policy that if you attack anyone you will be banned and so because of that everyone is nice. We also have no private forum where we bash other sellers in this trade. Why should we? Our items speak for themselves,they actually work! The forum and chat room are a great place to make friends with those interested in the same things you are.


We sell real items of enlightenment, things that have taken us years to either test of find. We sell items that can change your life but we are not your babysitter. During our research, investigations, estate sales, and contacts from all over the world we get everything occult and paranormal related you can imagine. In these finds we get it all from white light to dark,mystical to paranormal and you need to know what your buying. If you buy a Crowley item and see dark beings,what did you expect? Do your own research before buying or ask. if you can’t find it here,your not going to find it anywhere.


No,your not weird. There are more people into this then you can imagine. We sell to Famous actors and actresses,public officials, doctors, lawyers and book writers. They come from all walks of life and financial situations. We sell to over 28 countries at this time and the hits per day are into the thousands.


Because we don’t sell crap. You get what you pay for and when you see it go on the website you know it is real. I know you would rather pay 10.00 but it’s not going to happen. We have set the bar high along with integrity and we will keep it that way.


We used to do charity all the time but with the high cases of fraud we at this time decline. We were working with other websites on charity but when I found out that those websites were in on it and taking half of what was collected I had to stop.


I do and I do them for free along with psychic readings and past life readings. You need to be a customer and part of the forum.

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