1-The 500
This is a sterling piece of your choice that holds 500 tested and tried fire and blood cast spells. You call them by number and your given the list. You may call upon multiple spells at once. Price 400.00

2- Ancestral Path Spirit
This is a spirit conjured just for you from your linage. This is someone from your family line and will form a connection as soon as you get them. You are given their name, first and last and all information I get on them. I research the family and find that one spirit with psychic ability or high energy. These spirits are traced. The reason for these spirits is they help you, guide you and will open up your psychic ability like nothing else. They will help you to make correct decisions and make life easier. They can also communicate with other family members. These take a little time to do but are worth it. Price 120.00

3- Shamote
This is a cleansing spirit from the astral realm that will remove all negative from your home and family. Dark and draining  energy is removed and family unity is inspired. Price 50.00

4- Summerland Spirits
These are spirits are for one thing only, your dreams of wealth. They know exactly what you want and work to give it to you. These spirits can take up to a month to work but when they do, you desire nothing.  The name Summerland was not given to them by us, that is the true name. They look like two people but each one is facing a different direction. They are attached at the back and are identical twins. The one twin knows everything about you and what you want. The other twin using universal mystical power, gets it for you. Price 300.00

5- Three Doses
This is a wealth item that gives it to you in three doses. This is actually a creature called the Jollie. This spirit looks like a very good looking business man, like out of Mad Men or something. They dress in dark suits and carry brief cases. We have no clue why but they are highly protective of you as well. I tend to think they are some kind of banker or wealth men. They do what a djinn would but it’s all wealth. Price 250.00

6- The Cake Baker
This is an item you get from me that gets you the person you want. You not only get the piece full of magical paranormal power but your going to get a guide. I will guide you through the process for as long as it takes. Emails will get answered in the morning but not on Sunday only sometimes on Saturday. The piece begins to work to get the one person you desire by making them want you. You need to be honest in your answers of questions are asked of you and you must follow the advice. This piece works through both supernatural power and spiritual guidance. This should be used as a last resort when all else has failed. Price 422.22

7- Orgasm Regeneration
This is for those that have lost the ability to orgasm. The reason you lost it doesn’t matter. I’m not working on your parts, I’m working on your brain. Phone calls and emails along with that special supernatural sex piece will get you going again and again and again. This should be bought when nothing else has worked. Price 300.00

8- Spermatic energy wish seeds
This is a very ancient magic ritual that most don’t know. Through my travels with the ancient aboriginals I learned the craft. A bond between you and the ancients will be created to cast your wishes upon the earth. This works fast and there’s nothing else like it!  Price 150.00

9- Sex Dolls Made Real
These are spirits custom made for you. The way you want them to look, feel and behave. They come as spirits and in 6 months you have the real in the flesh deal. We don’t sell these to people who are already married! Price   130.00

10- Viotas
These are pure silver haired Heaven Hounds. These have direct run in Gods house. These Hounds have moving crystal blue eyes and diamond like fur in Sterling color. Their eyes are rimmed in black and they speak all languages. They give to you all the splendor of Heaven and the power to create changes in your life as if you were the creator.  Price 77.77

11- Donajin
These are Medusa looking creatures that seek revenge by destroying everything in your targets path. Not for the faint of heart. If you have been seriously wronged then this is for you. No karma kick back as long as you were wronged first. Price 250.00

12- Astral rebirth by fire
This is a doozy! I never thought I would use the term superhero but here goes… This is a true rebirth that takes you to the astral realm for a fire birth. This birth places a rare energy into your blood causing you to have superpowers. Theses things are super strength, rare knowledge and master of the martial arts, the ability to know what’s in other rooms, mind reading, regeneration of age,full telepathy and various other skills. Price 399.99

13- Living Green
This is a health and rejuvenation piece. It’s a three step process so that it can take care of all issues you may have health wise. We welcome you to speak with your doctor about it. This includes a paranormal piece for health and two other steps in the process. This starts to work immediately. Price 400.00

14- Luxurious Lady
This is a spirit that comes from the mines of the High Priest of Holies realm. These are spirits that have been under oppression by corrupt guardians of the Ark here on Earth. There are two Arks, here and the Heaven Realm. These spirits do nothing but guard wealth and wealth related magic 24 hours a day. Let them into your home ( you get one) and your set. This would be like getting married to a supers mart billionaire. Price 555.77

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  1. Dennis godaire

    Hi … I’m looking at your email dated Dec 4th. At which of your websites would I find the “Alchemy-in-Chief” items?
    Thank you.
    Dennis Godaire

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