Meet and Greet

At we do like to be hands on with our customers. A couple of  years ago I had a few customers stay at my house and they got to meet a very strong living vampire. This man lives a mainly normal life but did offer each of them the opportunity to have a free transformation.  He, the vampire was of the dark kind and likes to do dark things. Right now he lives a life like you do staying under the radar until enough time passes and then he will move on. He’s even on Facebook! The bottom line is he was willing to give them a free transformation. All my guests declined it because of his dark nature. He was even willing to show them he could get inside their heads and say hi!  Magic is real! The supernatural is real, and occult power can be had by everyone!

Why I like to have the meet and greets and invite people into my home. First of all there are a lot of people who are skeptical of hauntings, spirits, ghosts and real magical power. There are those who never experienced religious miracles, witnessed a spirit or even occult power at its best. These people wonder do the items on my website really exist? Do the places exist? Yes they do! I want to open some of these places up to you for free!

Every October you may visit with me and some of the staff. We will do this the second week of October as usual. In the meet and greet you will get to touch and test many of the items we sell on the website. These items will be wealth items, fairy pieces, pieces for magical healing, chakra alignment and religious miracle items.

We will also have many events which will include past life regression, seances and a trip to Montauk two! The past life aggression and seances will be done in a group as well as the Montauk trip.

We include the Montauk trip because I believe people need to see that the supernatural is real and that conspiracy theories are not just theory. These things exist! I will also take you down a long road where you can lose time, where aliens do indeed frequent! You can sometimes, a 50/50 chance, watch your compass go nuts, see weird things and of course lose time. The things I have seen in Montauk defy explanation. I have seen creatures that would remind you of a science fiction show!

Healing sessions will also be held so bring your issues with you and become a believer! Plan on staying for two days and you never know what gifts you may go home with. This all is free of course! You pay nothing, not one single cent. We want to make a believer out of you. It’s good for you and it’s great for my business!

I don’t believe in hiding from my customers or just saying buy from me. I put a lot of stuff on my websites and I want people to know they can trust what they are buying. I also know that sometimes people have a problem seeing spirits or experiencing Magickals of the metaphysical. This is another reason we do this, we try to fix that problem.

If you plan on coming let me know and I will give you the names of hotels you can stay at. I look forward to meeting you all!

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