Dee Dee I got the lush life wealth ring two weeks back in the post and I love it! It worked the end of the first week. Thank you so much. I also love the color you picked out its my favorite. ~Marie V.

Thank you, thank you dee dee I love my custom astral travel piece. I haven't been able to leave my body until now. The medication I take prevents it. I'm going to get a love magic from you as soon as I can. Thank you again. ~Cynthia B.

Just received my mystery box. I'm so excited and I felt the energy right away. Love you Deedee ~Kevin C.

Dee Dee I didn't have much faith in magic or the supernatural but I figured what heck I had a little extra money after bills and I went for it. I'm glad I did. I did think the price was high but now I know why. It was well worth it. Finally I can see and feel the spirit world. It started with feeling them first I thought that's all I was going to get or as far as it would go but just this week I began to see them to. I want to go ahead and get the other piece we discussed. Can I still get the offline discount? If not did you add it to the website yet? Either way you have a customer for life.😍😍😍 ~Brian R.

Hello DD, It's been three weeks since I ordered and the soulmate piece has worked. It worked in a strange way. Was there a spirit attached? If so will it stay with me or leave now that I found my soulmate?  I kept hearing a young woman speak to me telling me to go on this one online dating service. This is not something I ever wanted to do but I found her! We are like glue! This is the real deal and she's moving in next week. I felt a great positive energy and my entire life has taken a change for the better.  Did I mention in my last email that I got the job I wanted? Do you think that had something to do with this piece? I can't wait to buy again. ~Mark G.

Dee Dee I want to do another transformation. Is that possible? Everything from the first one worked as you said it would and I'm totally happy and content. Knowing the first one worked I would like to do the angelic one. Can you combine these? If not that's okay I'm so happy with what you did for me and how you changed my life for the better. You know the entire world had opened up for me now? Please let me know when you have time because I know your very busy. I love you to the moon. ~Sheila B

DeeDee I'm glad I took a chance buying from you. The sex magical worked wonders for my husband and I. I will be buying again. ~Zara P.

DeeDee I'm glad you contacted me if you didn't I never would have known that guy from Bonanza was copying your listings. Now I know why they never worked. I would like to buy a revenge piece or spell to get my money back. The piece you sent me for the job worked in one months time and while it wasn't the one I was going after it was so much better. More pay and less hours. That made my girlfriend happy! ~Tony D.

A+++++ all the way! Thanx Dee, it worked with in the day! ~Grif J.

Dee Dee I just got my package with Cirus and he's the best djinn I ever bought. I'm so glad I found your website and now I see you work 5 other sites. It's looking like I'm going to be reading descriptions all day. I love your shopify site too. That site seems more personal. I love the info you share and wish I could work with you. Take care and look for me to become a insane regular. ~Heidi F.

Thank you Dee Dee I worked with my coven piece you sent and three of the witches took my under their wings immediately. I have learned so much including how and most importantly when to navigate the astral and open portals. I sat with Rina on the astral and attended a meeting on the other side. Things are so much different there. I learned how to cast thought form spells that work in a instant. After getting that piece I don't think I would need much more from you but there are some wonderful sounding items I want. I will be buying again next paycheck. Oh and thank you for taking the layaway. ~ Vicki G

Thank you Dee Dee for getting me a real working wealth item. These past few months I have needed it badly. I know if I hadn't bought from you I would be in bad shape right now. The wealth came to me in three doses so the wealth of three shots is the ultimate item I feel. I'm also glad you got me one for me because I won't wear women's jewelry, ha ha! Anyway it came the first time in unclaimed money. A lawyer sent me a letter saying I had money being held by the government and for a fee they would get it for me. I said forget that! I looked it up myself and had a little over 5,000 waiting for me. That replaced the roof which I really, really needed. The second time was later that week when yet another lawyer contacted me about a case the previously they said was no good. It was that slip and fall I told you about where they tried to say it was just my word. Do you remember? Anyway another lawyer in the firm took it and we settled right away out of court. I wasn't made a millionaire or anything but I got a total of almost 15,000. If you can I would like to do a transformation now that I have the money. The third one was when I took 700 a lucky number to the casino and no more. I got a jackpot for 26,877.98 can you believe it!!!! Now of course the relatives are coming out of the woodwork but that's okay. Give and you get it back! I'm happy, more then I can say. My sister wants the fertility piece and I'm going to go ahead and by that other wealth piece today. I'm not greedy but when they work, why not! ~Jim T.

I love what what I bought Dee Dee she showed herself that night. I will but again. ~Carla P.

I bought a ton of items for orgasm and none worked, this did. I'm buying a wealth item next. Thank you again ~Jennifer G.

Dee Dee I bought the wealth item thinking it would get me a job. It only brings me wealth. I don't have to work but I'm bored. Can you get me something that gets me a job. Your the best!. ~Mike L.

Thank you so much Dee Dee for the demon removal. I went to many places and did cleansing services and all sorts of things. Nothing worked. You are a true miracle worker and now thanks to you I can get on with my life and follow the path I wanted to. ~Michelle H.

I'm flying you out here seriously, no joke, pack your bags! Your the real deal! You have a customer for life! ~Nasiq Q.

Real genie, real power, granted all wishes so far. I can't thank you enough. Print this on your website it you like and the next radio show let me on to tell the world. ~Holly H.

I'm glad I bought those third eye openers. I gave one to every member of our ghost hunting group. We are now picking up more then ever and it even saves Sara's life. Thank you so much. ~Greg A.

Your amazing just like you said that custom was. You need to put the ancestral path spirits on the website. I connected fast because she was directly from my own blood line. That connection with the other side that was also family finally opened up all my psychic abilities. I never expected it because of some of the meds I'm on. I'm thankful for your research and time you took to help me. I will be buying again. ~Jill G.

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