The Evil

The evil that lay deep in the creepy hollow.

People always ask for more details on our paranormal investigations. They want to know understand what a haunting is or how it feels. Whenever I place an item up for paranormal auction, say in the metaphysical section of EBAY, I try to include more details.

I’m going to go into some of the paranormal investigations that lead to the occult and haunted items I obtain.

One of the most magical places I have been to was located in the creepy hollows of the Virginia foothills. As soon as I entered, I knew I was about to find the best of the paranormal ever!

A woman that had tried many metaphysical remedies but none had worked to rid her home, called me to her house. It did not take me long to fix the demonic inspired situation and cleanse the house. This was not a normal psychic cleansing and the details are too long to go into here.

After the cleansing of her home, we had time on our hands.  My team, quite tired from drive, wanted to rest. As for me, I always like to unwind by doing something physical to shake off the energy, so I went exploring.

That is when deep in that creepy hollow of Virginia did I find something so curious I couldn’t name.

When I first looked into that dark hollow that resembled something of a torture chamber my mind conjured up all sorts of things. I thought of mythical and magical beasts, dark entities, and witches with the bones of old ancestors and that moment hated the creepy feeling I had as I entered that hollow! What I found there did not leave its full impact until many years later.

Since that day in that Virginia creepy hollow, I have seen many things people would not believe. I have seen people being held captive in cages stacked from floor to ceiling and I have learned police reports disappear, quite often in fact. It was in that first cave that I lost my fear and gained what I call a haunted curiosity, leading to my haunted collecting!

As I got deeper into the cave using the light of my phone, I saw those first cages filled with humans. While this was one hell of a sight, I got closer to the cages and began to try to set them free. I was suddenly stopped by at first a low murmur inside my head until that sound turned to them speaking to me. Some of the caged people were totally out of their minds, others warned with their screams for me to leave and go get help. I listened to those ones.

The local police department was far off but I made it. I had to go all the way there because my phone gave out. As soon as I got there, I began to tell my story as fast as possible and they did listen or so I thought….

A few police cars traveled back with me to the sight and told me to stay in the car once they got there. Ten minutes later they emerged and told me nothing was there and that it was private property and I better not return. Later that night I snuck back but I could not get in as people in biohazard suits surrounded the entire place. My first thought was did I catch something. Later that night I found out that I had the ability to constantly hear them unless I tuned them out. I can still hear them today, the ones that survive. I only hear them when they are on a mission to kill, to cause havoc or are on some other insidious assignment.

The people are not bad but they are controlled, they cannot help it.  They are the “project”.

The project is not well known even in governmental circles but there are the few who do know. Every now and then I run into them and then I run from them. These are not the kind of people you sit down with or have a tea and biscuit with, they are demented, they are evil and they help run the world.

One of the people who made contact with me in the cave still keeps in contact today. Sometimes she calls herself Wendy and other times she refers to herself as Alice, when she is not human she says she is a butterfly. It was not until she was Wendy did I find out why. You see Wendy has multiple personalities from the torture. These personalities are manifested intentionally so that Wendy could do what was asked of her. Through Wendy I learned that the world is not as it seems and that just below the surface lies evil so mind blowing you cannot imagine it.

The making of Alice, Wendy, and the butterfly.

Wendy if (is that her real name?) started as a butterfly at 4 years old. Wendy was kidnapped out of the subways in Russia by the CIA’s project department. The project is all I know it to be called. Wendy by the age of 4 had already seen murders of other children and babies, was made to see other children and herself covered in blood and made to eat her own feces. She was kept busy keeping the roaches off her that were placed in her cage and when that wasn’t happening she was kept in an isolation chamber to deprive her of all senses. The worst of it was when she they told she was a butterfly and to get to turn from a caterpillar she had to be tortured. A special device fitted to her legs so she could be raped repeatedly and yes, this was at the age if four. Doing this repeatedly was sure to cause multiple personalities and it did. There is so much more, she told me but there is graphic and then there is graphic!

Many people, even today have had this happen to and some may even wake up reading this. Wendy has led me to others like her. One such person is Michael whose entire family went through the abuse and only he survived.  Stories like this are hard to believe but they are true and it is still going on. As of now, some people are being experimented on using the old Nazi experiments. Keep in mind that the CIA hid many Nazi scientists while keeping the guise of we will hurt them down! Sure, you will, its all part of the media brainwashing. Even today, children still sit hoping to survive in the project cages and yet they have progressed to drug and shrink implantation.  Take a look at all the shooter’s faces lately?  Are they drugged up or what?  While I could tell you exactly what Wendy, Alice aka butterfly told me you would not want to hear it.

Mozart Mozart Mozart

Trazom Trazom Trazom

A call to kill, a call to prostitute, a call to poison or just the empty mind of a Manchurian candidate waiting for the code word?

While most if you are into the metaphysical, haunted, paranormal or just collectors of the obscure you might want to contact me if the music of Mozart or the word Trazom bothers you.

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