Wealth and Abundance Spirits

This is a short list of wealth giving spirits and entities that we offer. Most are rare and hard to obtain. Many people when they think of wealth or obtaining financial freedom seek out Djinn or a Genie but there are so many more that are easier to work with. Many are much more powerful,it is just that they are lesser known. Get to know some of these and begin a better and more abundant life. The only one on here well known for wealth is the first one,the Red Dragon, the others you MUST get to know!
RED DRAGON, This is a dragon that is just for luck and hitting the casino with. This creature will only bring you wealth during games of chance or casino going. If you do that a lot then this is for you,if not then keep reading. However if you do, this is the one I would bring with me.
This is a magical dog with wings. This supernatural dog is born under a tree that drops the seeds of wealth under which he is born. All the dogs are male only,no female dogs are ever created. The creation of the Chamrosh does not require a female as it is purely a magcial wealth giving and wealth seeking dog. You are given either a full grown or pup of which you will need to name. The adoption process is easy and the offering is all you will need. The only aspiration this supernatural dog has is to give you wealth and companionship.
This creature is not for the weak. If you are new to magic that is okay but you can’t be a weak person. You MUST command this creature. This is a wealth creature that not many know of because there are families that keep these and try to keep them secret. These are oil producing families and I’m not going to be PC correct. You want Arab money? You need one of these because they literally shit gold,yes they shit gold. The Sigben must be kept in a container in the evening and you need to put his or her name on it. They look like Kangaroo’s with human faces. You may wonder how they get the money? That is very simple they are drinkers,skimmers that take from the ultra rich and bring it to you.
These are beautiful creatures that can shift into any form. Along with shifting they shift your lot in life from that of destitute to wealthy. They do this over time with guidance and care so that no one gets hurt in the process. This is a pure white light creature that gives to you all she can. She just doesn’t do wealth but also beauty and what they call life creativity. These are secondary actions with the main goal being financial freedom and a lack of slavery to the working system. Swan Maidens love to gamble and love games of chance but again they work in all ways to bring you wealth.
These are Reapers,those that carry the dead to another place. In doing so all that is left of wealth can be redistributed,kind of like what Obama likes to do or even Bernie Sanders. You know what I mean,right? You work for it and then you need to give it away to someone who didn’t,that sort of thing. I’m just trying to make this easier for the readers. So these Grim Reapers are not so grim for you. You get one of these spirits and they do have  names which you will be given to bond with them. The bonding process is short because well, life is short. To be clear the Order of Grim Reapers is different then A Grim Reaper. This order is ranked by the amount of wealth they have gained since their existence. All of these are amazingly great at getting wealth or they wouldn’t even be in the Order. The higher the number the more powerful they are. These Reapers are free to come and go from your home as they have to in order to collect for you.The bottom line is a spirit that makes regular bank deposits.
This is a spiritual creature that you need to make on offering to of uncooked rice. A one time offering is all that is needed. This creature which although is called a rabbit is actually a Asian beauty queen. This lady is said to travel between the Moon and Earth bringing and capturing all wealth spells which generally surround the moon. Many spells and rituals for money do need the moon to work,some are even done on a full moon. I’m not saying all but the more powerful ones sure do use it. What this lady of luck does is collect and compound all the wealth magic in spells and in rituals and uses that to bring you wealth along with happiness. These ladies of luck are born and live in the Jade house until they are called.
These are extremely powerful low maintenance wealth spirits. While you don’t have to do much they themselves are highly complicated due to magical knowledge they have. Here are a few of them and what they cover.
RENENET, these give you the purity of luck. These are the destiny of luck and will bring you all sorts of…..luck! As you know luck is good when it is good luck. So wealth,money and abundance comes with ease and naturally.
SHAI, these spirits do quite a number on you. They of course do extreme wealth just as the rest of these here do but they also do health and happiness as well as the best of good luck. This spirit will also bring a ton of material wealth as well. This means you can marry a wealthy person,win cars and homes along with the normal abundance the spirit brings.
MESKHENET, This spirit is mainly for those that want a job of importance that brings them great wealth and reward. This cn take a person who works Burger King and make them a CEO. The key is the want and the drive to do better and become something of greatness. This spirit is for that person who can’t or doesn’t want to sit at home watching TV with servants. Trust me there are a ton of them out there,I’m one of them. I can’t even take a vacation because I feel as if I should be working. People that sit all day and watch TV or lounge at the pool,I don’t understand that and I would get bored inside of an hour!


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