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Hello All Shoppers new to the site and regulars. We will not be shipping from January 12th to February 16th. We will all be away on various investigations. IF you buy during that time you will still get the discount, code is Xmas16 just as I have typed it but it can not and will not be shipped until February. We will start up shipping on the 16th and this means we ship in order. ALL orders on the books now will be shipped this week with unless there is a ordering issue. The sale will continue until the 20th only, as planned. Shop All of Our Paranormal Sites!

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Haunted Curiosities is not your normal paranormal website. We seek out and hunt the abnormal and the curious. You won't find rocks or Chinese wholesale junk jewelry sold here. You will find the most unusual from civil war coffin babies to the presidential phone that allowed communication between aliens and we don't mean the ones they are fighting in Arizona either! You won't find Vlad, Bathory or Michael Jackson being sold here more then once. In fact you won't find Michael Jackson at all, that's just ludicrous! He has a family and he is not living with anyone other then maybe his children. I won't tell you lies as in a spirit can be broken up so that everyone and their granny can get a piece. These things are just not possible. If I tell you I have a Highgate Vampire you know your really getting one.

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